Express Your Emotions and Tell Your Own Story with Paint FX

Express Your Emotions and Tell Your Own Story with Paint FX

Express Your Emotions and Tell Your Own Story with Paint FX

Paint FX is a photo effects editor app for Android that lets you apply various filters and photo effects to your images. This app will help you express your creativity through a feature rich interface designed to turn your amateur photos into works of arts you can share with your friends and the rest of the world.

You can load photos from your photo album, Facebook, or Instagram account. The photo selection process is a one step process that involves you picking your preferred picture from any of the supported sources and waiting for the app to load the picture into the main screen.

Once your picture has been loaded, you can apply effects using finger mode or fill effect mode by tapping on the FX icon on the top bar. Finger mode allows you to apply effects as if you were painting onto a canvas and fill effect mode applies any of your selected effects to the entire picture.

There are quite a few photo-effects available ranging from simple black & white / sepia filters to more elaborate ones such as crumpled paper and grunge effects. You can also layer different effects together to create unique portraits, and adjust the brush edge, opacity, and size when using finger mode.

To zoom into different parts of your image you simply have to tap on the zoom/pan button at the bottom of the screen. You can then pinch your fingers to zoom in and out and swipe across the screen to move the photo.

The app’s simplistic design allows you to easily manipulate your photos but is hindered by various performance bugs. There are several instances when the app randomly shuts down and freezes for no reason whenever it’s used. The performance bugs are even more noticeable when layering effects, which is disappointing, since that is one of the most highlighted features.

Until these issues are addressed in future updates, this won’t be a very useful app for everyday use despite its intuitive user interface and features. Paint FX is compatible with Android devices running OS 2.2 or above installed and is $1.99 from Google Play.

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