Facebook frenzy for Say What You See: The Collection™!

More than 1000 fans demand (and get!) more content for Say What You See: The Collection on iOS!

“Please Sir, can we have some more?” No, that’s not the sound of a gruel-greedy orphan asking for an extra bowl of slop from a Victorian workhouse owner, but instead the triumphant sound of more than 1000 fans asking for more from Say What You See: The Collection– and getting it.

Say What You See: The Collection™ (described as “…one of the best visual puzzle games available for iOS devices right now” by MSN) asked Facebook fans last week to demonstrate their devotion by ‘liking’ a post 1000 times before Wednesday 17th August.

The Facebook fans rallied to the occasion and achieved the requisite 1000 like by Monday afternoon, two days ahead of schedule. Their reward? An extra piece of DLC for August, in the form of a brand new canvas ‘Chart Smashers’.

The reaction on the Facebook page after being told of their success, was nothing less than euphoric: “I don’t think I can wait until Thursday!” said fan Monica Magennis, while Alison Wood declared it “best app ever!”. The greatest quote though was by Baz T-boy Williams, who declared: “We don’t do anythin now at work but play swys!“

If you haven’t yet played Say What You See: The Collection™, it’s a free-to-download game that involves spotting themed pop culture references in beautifully hand-painted scenes (or iCanvases). Each scene featuring 50 puzzles is downloaded separately, so that players only buy the iCanvases for subjects that spark their interest. “Chart Smashers”, painted by artist Aileen Raistrick, is the 11th iCanvas available.

The Chart Smashers canvas is out 18th August, priced 99¢/59p, available as an in-app-purchase from the FREE Say What You See: The Collection™ app

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