Fast Paced Block Busting Action Packed Android Game

Fast Paced Block Busting Action Packed Android Game

Fast Paced Block Busting Action Packed Android Game

Test Your Problem Solving Skills in Gem Collapse 2 Android Game Apps

GemCollapse2 is an action packed puzzle game for Android that aims to test your reflexes and problem solving skills. Based off the classic “block busting” genre of games, GemCollapse2 offers all the features you would expect from a block buster game as well as a host of other cool extras for a more exciting gaming experience.

The app has three game modes – frenzy, collapse, and panic. Frenzy mode gives you the chance to get a different goodies such a lucky stars, magic keys and frozen power that appear in the feeder. You’re given a minute to grab as much as you can but will have to keep up as the feeder speeds up and piles on the pressure.

For a more relaxed game, you can select the Collapse mode to play a classic game block busting. The controls are relatively straight forward. Simply tap on the colored diamond on screen to pop them and select one of the many special blocks on the left side of the screen to use various powers during your game.

Panic mode is similar to frenzy mode but is even more intense. You’ll be facing Speed Demons, Block Storms, Frozen blocks and the occasional Virus will try to slow you down as you play. There are also a variety of useful helpers in the form of volatile bolts of energy, which violently destroy random blocks on the board.

With its easily recognizable design and interesting collection of bonuses, GemCollapse2 is a puzzle game everyone can enjoy. GemCollapse2 is free to download from the Google Play store and requires Android OS 2.3 or above.


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