Find Nearby Parking Spots with the Ease of the App Parqt

Find Nearby Parking Spots with the Ease of the App Parqt

Find Nearby Parking Spots with the Ease of the App Parqt

Parqt is a mobile application that gives users the luxury of never having to search the streets for parking spots again. Find space availability in real time and even earn group rewards. It’s as easy as launching the application, finding a spot and parking. Don’t waste anymore time.

After launch users are automatically able to get started in the app. Based off of your location a map is shown for users to look at. Within the area an array of different pins is displayed. These pins all have their own unique symbols. Red pins mean that the spot is currently unavailable, yellow means it will be available in ten minutes, while green mean it’s available now and good to go. The design of the app is very clean and organized. With nicely designed buttons and a fast and intuitive map it makes the app that much easier for users to pickup and quickly make use of.

There are plenty of instances when you’re in a rush trying to be at an event or just can’t find a parking spot at all. These can be tough times especially when all driving around does is waste time. Now with the Parqt app you can can just open your phone and find a spot within seconds. Let the app find your location and let Parqt do all of the work. Thanks to colored symbols you can quickly find available spots, find them and move on about your day. Once you’ve gotten to your parking spot don’t forget to hit the check in button. From here you can set the time you expect to be parked and so much more. Earn reward points from your usage and even filter your map results to your liking. Making Parqt so much better than other parking applications is the ability to personalize your own experience. Filter maps to only display public parking, garage parking or even to display where your Facebook friends have parked.

The developers at Parqt LLC didn’t stop there either. Parqt is enhanced with more smart features that make the convenience and ease of using the app that much better. Users can even enable their devices to display a red bluetooth symbol on the map that shows other Parqt users that they can check in to their spots automatically. There is also even a green walking symbol that shows other users that they are using the walking to my car feature as well. Get push notifications when your parking time is running up and add more time all while on your phone. Enjoy the features, enjoy the ease and enjoy the experience all while using Parqt.

Never hassle with parking spots again. Running over your meter time is now a thing of the past. Parking will never be the same. Parqt is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.


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