First Android App for Creating Facebook® Timeline Cover Photos

[MobilePRwire] – Innovating on its line of D33P (pronounced “deep”) Android photo apps, Joy Aether updates its fun-to-use app with a multi-exposure like photo shooting experience, empowering Facebook users to create their own seamless combo of cover photos and profile pictures.

Joy Aether, the maker of the D33P series of apps known for being the first 2D-to-3D Facebook photo app, announced “Facebook Timeline Covers by D33P,” an Android app that creates seamless Facebook Timeline cover photos, from the user’s own Facebook photos and D33P-produced cover arts.

Media outlet USA Today comments about Facebook Timeline: “Your [Facebook Timeline] cover photo is your chance to make a splash.” “Facebook Timeline Covers by D33P” is an app that helps Facebook users to do just that.

“The Facebook Timeline design has already been adopted by users around the world, and the design has the cover photo and the profile picture placed tightly together. This layout has resulted some designers creating playful designs that allows interaction between the cover photo and the profile picture,” says Ricky Lui, COO & Co-founder of Joy Aether.

“Our new app brings the creation of a ‘Facebook Timeline Seamless Combo’ to the hands of us non-designers, who don’t necessarily have the Photoshop skills. The app makes it very easy to create both the cover photo and the profile picture at the same time. The D33P series of apps have a single mission in mind: Have Fun With Photos. Facebook is the largest photo repository on the planet, and our Facebook Timeline Covers app enables user to play with their photos, unleash their creativity, and showcase their creation as their Facebook Timeline cover.”

With the latest release 1.4.2 of this app, a Facebook user can choose a photo from his/her own Facebook albums, Friends’ Albums, News Feeds, to be the cover photo. After chosen a cover photo, the user can choose to take a photo for his/her profile picture. While taking the picture, the chosen cover photo will also be shown on the screen, like a multi-exposure shot, allowing the user to see how the profile picture would look like alongside the cover photo.

E.g. If the user has chosen a sunrise photo as the cover photo, when she takes the profile picture, she can act out squinting or hand covering her face. Then when both the cover photo and the profile pic is uploaded, the two pictures work well together in the Facebook Timeline layout. This previewing of the photos would be important to many users who likes to visualize the end result before posting.

A second way of creating the seamless combo would be to start with one of the Cover Arts that is pre-installed into the app. Some of these Cover Arts will allow the user to interact the profile picture with the cover photo, e.g. a bunch of zombies in the Cover Art and the user can pose as being scared, in the profile picture. A preview is also available to see how the cover photo will go with the current profile picture. In release 1.2 of the app, more Cover Arts for various festivities and special days are included, such as MLK (Martin Luther King) Day, Australia Day, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year, etc.

Pricing and Availability:
“Facebook Timeline Covers by D33P” is now available on a limited time special for free, in the Android Market. Availability in the other Android marketplaces will soon follow.

JoyAether ( produces next-generation mobile apps and games, for the iOS and Android platforms. JoyAether’s product division contains three product lines: Utility Apps, Interactive Content Publishing, and Versus-mode Games. The Utility line of products include D33P 3D, a social photo app that employs advanced image processing and 2D-to-3D technologies. JoyAether’s consulting division offers expert opinions and services, regarding mobile and tablet app strategies and gamification of marketing, for companies such as Pfizer, UBM, Haemonetics, Restylane, etc. Joy Aether is based in Hong Kong Science Park.

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