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You have no excuses for not getting in shape if you’re using Fit App! You can tell right away this was designed by fitness professionals with benchmarks and tests such as press up, crunches, sit and reach tests, even heart rate and blood pressure monitors.

This app includes all of the charts and paperwork you would receive at your local gym or personal trainer.  In all there are 11 different tests which allow you to track your progress along the way. The body composition tab is really useful and lets you see and track items such as your body mass index (bmi) body fat percentage and more. The best part is the audio instructions will eliminate any confusion you may have. About the only thing this app can’t do is personally motivate you!

Fit app is a very well designed and comprehensive app. Cheaper than a personal trainer and just as useful.

Rating: ★★★★½

Android Description

This is the most comprehensive fitness testing app on the market!

Test, Store and track your progress. BMI, BMR, Blood Pressure, Bleep Test 20 and 15m, Body Fat test – Measurements and Caliper methods, Cooper Test, Crunch Test, Resting Heart Rate, Step Test, Press Up Test and Sit and Reach Test.

also features a One rep max calculator, tips on training zones and a blood pressure log

Fit App has been designed by fitness professionals, for everyone who has an interest in health and fitness whatever your fitness level or abilities. It allows you to track, monitor and adapt your health and fitness with ease.

Fit App talks you through 11 fitness assessments with audio instructions to help maximise your workout, it helps you get the best out of the tests with helpful tips.

For the same price as a slice of cake the app will generate data and assesses you’re flexibility, cardio respiratory function, mobility and strength giving you a comprehensive analysis of your current fitness level.

It will keep you focused and motivated…………It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!

Our one rep max calculator helps you choose the correct weight during your resistance workouts and target heart rate ensures you’re always on the right track during your Cardio sessions.

Fit App will provide you with the norm charts for each test helping you set your next fitness goal and monitors your progress along the way.

Taking control of your fitness level and changing your lifestyle is just an app away.


11 fitness tests with teaching points, tips and norm charts
Calculates V02max
Blood Pressure Log
Monitors your BMI
One Rep Max Calculator
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Personalised metabolic rate (based on your activity levels)
Personalised recommended nutritional intake in grams (easier to monitor)
Personalised Target heart Rate
Tips on Training Zones

Fit App will also guide you through the following fitness tests and generate feedback following your result.

2 Body Fat Methods – Measurements and skin fold calliper test
Bleep Test (15 and 20 meter)
Cooper Test
Crunch Test
Sit and Reach
3 Minutes Step Test
Press up Test
How to take your Resting Heart Rate
How to take your blood pressure

Store and track your results on your device or open a Google Health account store and share your achievements with your friends and family it’s free.

This app has been designed by fitness professionals with you in mind. Every test can be easily performed by simply following the audio instructions in the information tab on each of the fitness test screens. The app will store up to one month’s worth of data monitoring your history of results and progress.

Your latest fitness test results are just a click away giving a level in which to achieve to progress.

This app has been tested by numerous fitness and health centres and personal trainers….

“It is the most comprehensive fitness testing app that uses industry leading data. It is accurate and simple to use. Our clients and personal trainers love it.”

Visit our website for further details

**Save to SD card supported** Android 2.2 or later

**No known bugs and doesn’t freeze during the tests**

Please contact me if you have any further questions or free fitness advice

Requires Android:
1.6 and up

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