FLK Launches VocalPost 2.0 for Android and iPhone

FEELingK (FLK), a global provider of innovative technology and services to operators, enterprise clients and consumers, announces the release of VocalPost 2.0, now available on the android market along with exciting new features. Launched for the Android platform in January 2011, the free app makes it easy to post voice updates to your Facebook® wall or Twitter®. VocalPost is your microphone to the world!

David Oh, Chief Product Officer, states, “Your voice is the most powerful and effective tool to communicate. VocalPost enables users to share their communication in a much more personal fashion with their friends.” VocalPost allows users to share a hearty laugh or just a chuckle in their own voice. It’s much more meaningful than the simple “rofl” or “lol”. With a touch of a button use your phone to record your voice and then post it to Facebook® and/or Twitter ®.

Since its initial release on Android, the VocalPost was selected as a finalist and presented live at CTIA 2011 for the “AT&T Open Call” contest for mobile apps. VocalPost also won “App of the Week” in the German Android market.

VocalPost 2.0 includes some exciting new features. Users can now post to a specific person or to lists. Recorded voice messages can be delivered directly from your Phone Contacts (emails, SMS) to Facebook Friends wall or Direct Message to Twitter Followers. Users can also send to email and SMS addresses. Now users can also register up to two (2) accounts on Facebook or Twitter.

Have something to say you want the whole world to hear? Your VocalPost recording is listed where all other VocalPost users can listen. Go to or click the “+” sign in the app to see a list of VocalPost recordings that are publicly available. All users can click and play your message!

The app also supports voice modulation allowing users to produce funny voices! Users will have fun and their friends will love it!

VocalPost is the natural evolution of new, innovative products available on social networks. Here’s what PilgrimChris had to say on his AppBrain® post, “A simple yet beautiful app! So easy. So useful. If you want to add voice to your tweets or Facebook wall then download now! I love it!”

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