Fly away in the wild adventure Bronko Blue, the kitten copter

Bronko Blue App Demo

Bronko Blue App Demo

Action and adventure awaits in the new arcade game “Bronko Blue, the kitten copter”. Just when you thought kittens were calm and boring animals Bronko Blue flips the stereotype. Travel through different landscapes as you help Bronko collect all of his lost wool. Do you think you can find all of the wool and still help Bronko surpass all incoming enemies and roadblocks?

After launch users can waste no time and immediately get started playing as they’re introduced to the first season to play through. Each season serves similar to how other games have worlds and each world has milestones that serve as levels of progress. Players can easily check out their scores, check out achievements, settings and more all from the main menu. When you’re ready to play simply hit the play button to begin or select where you’d like to begin from the milestones page.

Take to the skies with your trusty umbrella as you tap the screen to help Bronko float through this exciting side-scroller. The objective of the game is to help elevate Bronko past stone towers and incoming birds. But while this may seem absurdly simple to even the most common of gamers, the real thrill in the game comes from collecting wool as you go about your way. All players will find that the challenge comes as tapping to control your umbrella in cooperation with the speed of the wind proves to be quite difficult. With pesky birds trying to distract you from using your strategy at the same time it can help to make a quite entertaining game. Progress your way adding to your score with each piece of picked up wool and you’ll find yourself having fun and completing milestone after milestone in no time.

Just when you thought a flying blue cat couldn’t get any crazier Bronko takes it up a notch with the ability to shoot enemies as well. Try your hand at shooting birds but be careful as you still can not touch them. Ram through stone walls while keeping your speed and most importantly collect that wool! As each season carries many milestones there’s quite collectively an extensive amount of opportunities for users to play through and enjoy. Go through all four seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall in this wild new journey.

Join the adventure and help Bronko Blue fly to a new high-score in the casual game “Bronko Blue, the kitten copter. Available to all Android devices running Android 4.0 and up “Bronko Blue, the kitten copter” is available in the Google Play Store for 99 cents.


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