Formula Micro GP 1 Brings Speed to Your Mobile Device

Formula Micro GP 1 Brings Speed to Your Mobile Device

Formula Micro GP 1 Brings Speed to Your Mobile Device

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With the rise in popularity of racing over the last decade or so, one would expect a surge of racing games on the market. And while there are several styles of racing, perhaps none better known with an international feel than Formula 1 racing. Developer  Razmobi has gone decidedly retro with Formula Micro GP1 for Android Devices.

Your gaming options are representative of most racing games, with a couple of settings to change, and then we are off to select our muscle machine. Each car has a specific set of attributes which may suit the player and track accordingly. The race track selection mimics that of the Gran Turismo series, but the game play is a bit simplified and old school – think RC Pro-Am-ish for you classic NES’ers – or even Spy Hunter minus all of the carnage. The overhead racing view is not something commonly seen, and one can appreciate this refreshing aspect.

There a pit stop area clearly marked on the tracks where you will have to stop often to change out the tires and turbo boosts or “Kers” are found throughout the race. You can opt for a single race or participate in a season where each race carries points towards the ultimate racing title.

While we can appreciate the simplicity and old school style game play; the graphics, especially the sparsely populated crowd could use an upgrade, along with the monotone engine sound bite that simply loops over and over.

While most (and we do) will appreciate the simple controls, Formula 1 Micro GP does pull off some challenging game play, and you will need plenty of practice laps to master the control over the car as well as becoming familiar with the individual tracks.

So satisfy your need for speed with the retro style overhead racer Formula Micro GP1 for the Android platform.

Google Play Description
Fast paced Formula 1 racing at its finest. Play this old school top view racing F1 game. Win a Formula Micro Grand Prix, Or even better, score enough points in career mode to become the Formula Micro GP Champion! Includes practice sessions, qualifying sessions for grid places and of course, Racing! All with dynamic tyre wear, pitstops, kers (turbo) to get ahead of your opponents on the straights.

Play career mode to get offered contracts by different teams. the better you perform the more likely you will get a contract from the top faster teams.

Features: 8 Cars / Teams to choose from all with their own speed and handling

8 Tracks / Circuits to race on including – Australia Grand Prix – Spain Grand Prix – Great Britain Grand Prix – Germany Grand Prix – Italy Grand Prix – Singapore (Night Race) Grand Prix – Japan Grand Prix – Brazil Grand Prix

3 modes to play Practice – practice your timing on any tracks.

Single Race – Run through practice and qualify sessions to score the best time for your position on the grid. then race for the win.

Career Mode – Get more contract offers each season, the better you perform, the more the top teams will want you. Get the best position in qualifying sessions to start at the front in the race. be at the top of the championship points table at the end of the season to become the Formula Micor GP Champion!

Unlike most top view racing games, your Formula Micro GP has very simple controls, which makes the game a lot more fun to play.

Special Features; * Dynamic tyre wear If your car is not handling as good as you would like, head into the pits to put a fresh set of tyres on. * KERS (Turbo) Hit the KERS button to get extra speed on the straights to get ahead of your opponents. * 8 Different tracks to race * 8 Cars to choose from * Practice Mode * Single Race Mode * Championship Mode * Live timing * Open feint leader boards

“The best top view racing game on Mobile! Hands down – the best F1 game racing action!”

“Cool Formula 1 game! Racing these little cars on a mobile has never been so much fun!” “Awesome Formula One game, gotta try it!”

A must for any formula 1 fan or racing game fans.

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