Freemium Game Plumber Crack Unleashed on iTunes App Store

[MobilePRwire] – Fluik Entertainment Inc, the indie game company that brought you Office Jerk, released their latest casual game Plumber Crack yesterday. Staying true to their quirky nature, Plumber Crack is funny and light, a great way to waste time on your favorite mobile device. Launched on both Google Marketplace and Itunes, sadly the game was pulled by Google, so only Apple device users will get to check out this game!

Plumber Crack, a simulation sports game, tests the players hoop shooting skills on a rather unusual moving target. This is Fluik’s 13th mobile title.

Fluik Entertainment Inc is an independent game developer based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Some of their more popular titles include Office Jerk, Office Zombie and Airport Madness Challenge.

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