Frog on Ice is a super cool, frog-slinging adventure game

Frog on Ice is a super cool, frog-slinging adventure game

Frog on Ice is a super cool, frog-slinging adventure game

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Can you think of anything slicker than a Frog on Ice? Probably not! This action thriller for the Android platform combines the speed and excitement of console classics like Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog with an adorable frog whose objective is to avoid obstacles and collect coins throughout a frigid landscape.

The good folks at developer Spin Fall have woven into the fabric of Frog on Ice a fairly original tap and hold mechanism, which propels our lead frog Plop, up, down and sideways using his crazy long frog tongue, through this exciting horizontal scroller.


We really appreciate the simplicity coupled with exciting gameplay of Frog on Ice; this ups the replay value tremendously. The game features five levels, and though challenging, will leave Frog on Ice aficionados clamoring for more, however. The navigation control mentioned above really keeps this game from getting stale. Power-ups are readily available through in-app purchases and come in handy against stubborn end-of-stage bosses.

-        Plenty of slick power-ups

-        Training mode and tutorial to refine your skills

-        Social media integration for score sharing

Layout & Design:

The green and blue hued graphics maintain the Frog on Ice theme will making gameplay easy on the eyes.  The sound is reminiscent of classic arcade games or a slot machine if you are doing well and gobbling up coins. The power-up combination of the cape and sunglasses are simply ridiculous – but in a good and funny way.


Frog on Ice for Android devices is good, clean fun and is currently available for everyone to try out free of charge. Make sure you are running version 2.0.1 or higher on your device to partake in the slippery fun!

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