Frog vs. Pests Now Available for iPhone Users

Great trouble hangs over the little pool! Little frog is ready for fight against the pests which are destroying the flowers. Please control the frog to DART OUT its tongue by touching it and dragging backward. Then release finger to hit aimed pest. These water grass will decrease the attack speed, but you can get bonus.The spring will stop frog darting our its tongue and hit the pests in its mouth. If you tap the frog for several seconds, the tongue will dart out longer and more powerful.

As this game has become so worldwide popular and been downloaded 21,000 times just a single week, no one denies that it’s a must-play-game for iphone holders.

However, the producer keeps on trying to make the game more attractive and joyful, so in the Summer Version, not only changing various game backgrounds, but also adding several super- unlimited- rounds when players control 4 frogs at the same time. In the meantime, the ever-changing terrain in each round also makes the game more challenging and fabulous.
GAME THEME: Last battle, the frog has mastered its skill to kill the insects with its tongue, so the insects had to rearrange the strategy. Pests intend to make use of the volcano and spring in the complicated terrain which will bring special harms. However, frogs never give in , they act as the flower-guard once more to fight fiercely against the evil.

Based on the original version, the summer Version adds more innovation in terms of the round control and terrain design, especially the multi-hit skill and the 4-frog-design, which allow the critical players to enjoy a lager space to train their skills.
Let’s welcome this worth-playing-game in the summer for the crazy players!

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