Game Insight & Divo Games Mobile Announce The Tribez for iOS

[MobilePRwire] – Game Insight, one of the world’s leading publishers of mobile and social games and applications, has announced its newest game, The Tribez, for iOS platforms. The Tribez will be a colourful and fast-paced game that goes beyond basic city-building to include multiple varieties of quests, timed challenges, and item collection

The new game will put you in the role of a hapless time traveler who is prophesied to be the saviour of a nation of primitive tribesmen, and soon becomes chieftain. The Tribez will have tons of variety and will challenge players to not only collect resources and build towns, but also to keep villagers happy and collect rare items hidden throughout its levels.

The Tribez will have numerous locations to explore, build, and conquer. The new game will also have many humorous characters and dangerous creatures to encounter, including ferocious, and very hungry, dinosaurs. The Tribez will challenge not only your wits and strategic planning skills as you build out your tribesmen’s villages, but it will also challenge the speed of your trigger finger with its many timed challenges. The prophesies said that you would be the one to bring peace to the The Tribez…are you up to the challenge? Find out in March when this new free-to-play game will be released for iOS platforms.

About Game Insight
Game Insight is an international leader in the development and publishing of games for mobile platforms and social networks. Due to its robust portfolio of hit titles, Game Insight is known around the world by more than 50 million users of iOS, Android, and many social networks such as Facebook, and Orkut. More than 30 Game Insight games have captivated audiences in the United States and Europe, as well as those in Korea, Japan, China and South America.

Founded in December 2009, Game Insight is a fast-growing social and mobile gaming company with 11 development studios under the Game Insight Group. Currently, there are 17 social titles across 25 social networks globally and 5 mobile titles in the company’s portfolio. Users enjoy these games in more than 17 countries. The company has created such popular games as Resort World, Paradise Island, Big Business and Mystery Manor for leading social and mobile platforms in the United States and Europe, as well as emerging social games markets such as South Korea, Japan, China and South America. The company has more than 20 million registered users across 25 social networks, including Facebook, Yahoo! Mobage, Mixi, VZnet, IMVU and others. For additional information about Game Insight, please visit

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