Game with innovative mechanics – Sota 2

[MobilePRwire] – New game “Sota 2″ realizes new game mechanics, that iPhone gamers have not seen yet!

In captivating puzzle Sota-2 you have the chance to work as celluar network installer. At every 22 levels you have limited amount of celluar stations and retranslators which you need to install on the map. Your task is to cover with signal all or nearly all gaming field on each level. Obstacles interfere signal passing so it may be not so easy as it might seem from the first sight.

Instructions: Touch the map to install station. If you want to remove station, touch it once again.Also, on some maps you can use retranslators. To choose retranslator press on retranslator counter in the right side of game field. Retranslators can receive a transmitters signal and retransmit it on uncovered area.

GreenPill Games is a team of independent iOS game developers, consists of one programmer and one artist. They begins work in april 2012 to create renewed version of game Sota on iOS platform.

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