Get Revenge Against Bugs With New Android App BugKing

[MobilePRwire] – Leaders Games proudly announces their new, ad-free Android app “Bug King”. Until now, app users could plot their strategies and bug army takeovers on the free BugKing download but now the paid, banner-free version offers all the fun without the ads. As one of best-reviewed, most creative and fun apps on the market – BugKing is all about conquering the world of insects!

BugKing allows you build your army’s base, plot strategies and build your stats (strength, productivity and speed) to take over enemy bases and kill bugs! Whether you choose to be a bee, a spider, or an ant you can improve your skills as you move from level to level, building your army, trying different strategies, and taking over enemy bases. Pick your bug, build your army, and plan your attack. This is your chance to join an age old battle and conquer the world of insects!

This fun app features are all up-to-date and specifically for the Android market at a low price of $1.62. It requires only 3.5M of space and rated E for everyone – BugKing is a creative strategy game that anyone can play and enjoy. “We are really excited to finally offer a paid-version of BugKing” said Lena, Manager at UbiNuri. “Now you can fully enjoy the game without those pesky, buggy ads. The only ‘bugs’ you’ll have to worry about are the ones on the screen!”

Don’t let their cute faces and the brightly colored graphics fool you. These bugs are smart. You develop your strategies for building your armies and taking over their bases as you move from level to level. Fill your Skill gauge to maximum capacity to use a fun, unique skill to conquer the kingdom of bugs! Constantly improving your army’s quickness and maneuverability, you continue to move tunnel to tunnel wiping out your opponents masses.
Your armies follow your finger swipes smoothly up and down their landscape. They follow your commands to quickly overrun enemy camps and move on to the next. Swipe your way to victory over other creepy, crawly, armies and earn yourself the right to be called, “BugKing.”

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Leaders Games developed the popular, free version of BugKing and is excited to offer their “bugs without banners” in this new paid app. Their creative attention to detail and ease of play has gained them many fans due to the fun, variety, and ongoing entertainment their apps provide. The game is distributed by Ubinuri network – the trailblazer for the best apps on the market.

Lena Kwon is their manager at Ubinuri, INC and can be contacted at

UbiNuri Inc. is a renowned Korean mobile app distribution hub that has worked with hundreds of developers the world over. UbiNuri’s mobile ecosystem, in distributing important and useful apps such as Cairn Story, BuddyCon, IV Therapy Helper and RingSkin, has been critical in making mobile apps more readily available to the Korean and world markets.

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