Get the most out of your battery life with the app DU Battery Saver

Get the most out of your battery life with the app DU Battery Saver

Get the most out of your battery life with the app DU Battery Saver

Our mobile devices are some of our most used items throughout the day. With so much to get done and so little time it can become nothing but a pain when your device dies unexpectedly. The application “DU Battery Saver” is an app that can help you improve your battery’s health, performance and so much more. Start using your device as much as you need today!

After launch users are quickly greeted by the open layout of the application. Buttons for info and settings greet users at the top while a bar menu giving options for battery, saver, toolbox, charge and monitor lie across the bottom. The design of the app is very nice featuring a dark color scheme and an uncluttered layout. This makes the app that much easier for users of all ages to pick up the application and easily begin using it. To get started with the app all users must do is tap on their desired menu from the bottom of the screen.

In order to get the most out of your devices battery DU Battery Saver helps users study and get to know how their use of the device directly effects its life. From how much time is spent on a particular application and more all of this information can help users improve their productivity while having their devices powered on. With the help of the apps many useful features users can begin getting a lot done. From the battery menu users can get a clear run down of how their battery is doing. Check out how much time you have left, it’s temperature, capacity and even use a batter tracker throughout your day. Start to get a better understanding of how to use your battery best. Alongside the help of the optimize button users can see a saver analysis to see what they can do to make their battery last longer all by simply tapping a button. From the saver menu, preset saver modes can be turned on based upon the usage of their devices to save their batteries more or even customize them to their own use. Set screen brightness, turn wifi off, whatever you’d like it’s all under your control with DU Battery Saver.

Making DU Battery Saver such a great application is its features. Being so full of so many useful features this gives users the ability to really optimize and enhance their experiences with their devices. There are lots of things for users to enjoy. Access the toolbox for more info on other great apps you may like. Or even access the charge menu to see how much time you have left on your battery, cool tips to keep your battery healthy and so much more. Lastly check out the monitor area to get a full rundown on how your device is being used. With DU Battery Saver nothing about your devices battery is a mystery anymore. Uncover exactly what you can do to have a longer battery life right away.

Enjoy understanding your device and enjoy longer battery life today. DU Battery Saver is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.1 and up. A pro version of DU Battery Saver with even more great features and uses is also available for $2.99 as well.


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