Give your brain the ultimate puzzling experience with the app Katang

Give your brain the ultimate puzzling experience with the app “Katang”

Give your brain the ultimate puzzling experience with the app “Katang”

Puzzles have always been a great way to exercise your brain and keep your mind fresh. From jigsaws to crosswords when solving a puzzle after a while it all seems to feel like the same ol’ thing. The new app “Katang” is a new app that you can put on your favorite device right away and begin enjoying a puzzle like none other. Do your best to strategically place multicolored tiles together to advance your score without clogging the screen. Do you think you can handle the challenge?

After launch users are brought to a main menu where they can quickly familiarize themselves with what exactly the app has to offer. It’s here that you will find the options to start a new game, check out the scoreboard, see instructions and even an option to remove ads. When ready to get started all players need to do is start a new game.

“Katang” is a puzzle where all players must try and fit as many bricks as possible onto the game board. While this may sound easy strategy quickly becomes key as you try and advance your high score. Each brick has different colored sides and the challenge comes into play as you must match them with another in order to place them onto the board. If at anytime you would like more assistance in finding out how to play the game the instructions page on the main menu can quickly show you how to get started.

Making “Katang” such a fun application is how relaxing it is while still be challenging. A lot of popular puzzle apps seem to try and rush your thinking while playing, when in actuality it only makes the app less enjoyable . “Katang” doesn’t have timers but just leaves the puzzle to you and your own pace. Take out your favorite device and enjoy the challenge anywhere you go, in your own time. Match those bricks and do your best but hey if you can’t handle the puzzle you can always tap “surrender”.

Show your friends you’re the best at any type of puzzle and play your way to the top of the high-score charts. “Katang” is available in the Google Play Store for free for all Android devices running Android 2.3.3 and up.


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