Halloween Spooky Sounds You Mix Yourself on Android

Halloween Spooky Sounds You Mix Yourself on Android

Halloween Spooky Sounds You Mix Yourself on Android

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s that time of year when people begin searching for their most unique costume and the spookiest decorations they can find. It’s the time of year where someone knocking on your door asking for candy is welcomed, and people are encouraged to be as eccentric as they want. More importantly it’s a time where people can escape their daily groove for a chance to take part in something more exciting.

In addition to all the standard accessories such as face masks, costumes and gore makeup we can expect to see, there are now apps available that will make your Halloween even spookier. One such app, known as ScareCauldron, gives Android users the ability to turn their phone into a portable horror soundtrack. Just imagine being trapped in a haunted house or in a cemetery late at night. The same feeling you get from thinking of those scenes is what this app will recreate for you through sound.

The app comes with a collection of five spooky sounds that can be mixed by dragging them into a cauldron in the center of the app’s user interface. As each sound gets mixed into the cauldron, a series of sound effects are triggered until each sound escapes from the cauldron. The app will automatically add new sounds to the cauldron once it’s been emptied so you don’t have to constantly drag the sounds individually to keep the sound effects playing in a continuous loop.

To get the best results from this app, all five sounds have to be playing at the same time in the cauldron. This creates a very spooky soundscape that actually sounds very high quality and adds ambience to the room you’re in. Depending on how loud your device can go, you can easily scare anyone by playing this app around them when they least expect it.

There’s also a premium version available which gives you more sounds to choose from and removes ads in the interface. The app is free to download on Google Play and will definitely bring a lot of fun to your Halloween celebrations.

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