Happi Papi is on Fire!

[MobilePRwire] – Independent app developer Happi Papi is committed to all the major app platforms. It released its first app, Happi Reads, for the Android platform early on but, as for most small developers, sales remained sluggish. However, that is all in the past now. Since Amazon’s November 15 release of the Kindle Fire sales are booming. Being an early adopter of the Kindle Fire platform has been one of our best business decisions so far, says Patrick Larson of Happi Papi.

Despite being a small independent app developer, Happi Papi is committed to having a presence on all major device platforms. In order to make that economically feasible all apps have to be developed with a multi platform strategy in mind from the get go.

Happi Papi released its first app, Happi Reads, for the Android platform early on but, as for most small developers, sales remained sluggish. Not the kind of reception you hope for when committing to a new platform but not unexpected either, says Patrick Larson co-founder of Happi Papi.

We were not expecting much since we had heard a lot of rumors about the Android ecosystem not measuring up, Android users not willing to pay for apps, screen size fragmentation etc, continues Patrick Larson.

Even though there probably were a lot to those rumors, that is all in the past now. Since November 15, when Amazon released Kindle Fire, committing to the Android platform was one of Happi Papi’s best business decisions ever according to Patrick Larson.

Happi Reads, our reading game for beginning readers, has sold tremendously say Patrick Larson. Certain days this one app on the Amazon App Store has actually outsold all our apps on the Apple App Store. Because of this, we have shifted more of our development focus to the Kindle Fire, explains Patrick Larson.

In fact, last week our crossword spelling app for kids, Happi Spells, got approved for the Amazon marketplace. Right now we are waiting and hoping for it to be green lighted by Amazon also for Kindle Fire which is a separate process. It would be great if Happi Spells is available in the Kindle Fire store when all the latest Fire owners go app hunting on their new devices on Christmas Day, concludes Patrick Larson.

Happi Papi is a US – Swedish joint venture created by Patrick Larson and Jens Ode from WannaPlay, Europe’s first DVD-game Studio. We are two dads who believe it is possible to create quality apps for kids in a profitable way without the use of in-app ads, links and purchases. Our apps will always be free of tricks and gimmicks and will always be easy and rewarding to play.

Happi Papi specializes in “Edutainment” apps for kids. When using our apps, children between the age of 2-7 will always learn something about the world around them in a safe and fun playing environment. Play and learn is our motto and what kids do best.

If you would like to get in touch with us you can do so at, by email at or via Twitter @happi_papi.

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