Harry Potter Mobile Encyclopedia Thrills Fans Worldwide

Zanther, Inc, a Seattle based developer of mobile applications, launched Potter’s World, a Harry Potter mobile encyclopedia, to Android phones last week to huge fan appreciation. Fans are over overjoyed at the launch of Potter’s World, especially after many were disappointed that the newly announced Pottermore was not an encyclopedia as previously hoped. Potter’s World is quickly becoming one of the most popular Android applications.

The new Harry Potter encyclopedia Android application, Potter’s World, has been a thrill for fans looking to touch up on all their Harry Potter knowledge before the last film debuts. Potter’s World serves as an excellent quick reference guide for enthusiasts of the series and is a perfect companion for the books or movies.

Potter’s World is quickly raising to the most popular charts as users continue to unite in their agreement that it is the mobile encyclopedia that every Harry Potter fan should have. Reviews such as: “Pretty much everything an hp fan could want to know.”, and “This is great-it has everything you need to know about the wizarding world!” easily show that Potter’s World is a must have application for every fan.

“It was an obvious decision to deliver such a superb product to mobile users. The ability to become immersed in the world of the spectacular Harry Potter books and film series is one that many readers can relate to. Potter’s World brings this to the next level by providing an efficient and attractive interface to learn more about characters, creatures, spells, and more.”

With the 8th and final movie coming very soon, Potter’s World will no doubt continue its surge in popularity.

Potter’s World is live on the Android Market today for free.

Zanther Inc, is a U.S. developer of information technology solutions for web and smart phone environments, and is focused on developing quality solutions for mobile consumers.

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