Have a friend to help you with all of life’s tasks in the app 3D Pal

Have a friend to help you with all of life’s tasks in the app 3D Pal

Have a friend to help you with all of life’s tasks in the app 3D Pal

Do you ever feel like you have too much to handle? Do you often feel overwhelmed and in need of some help to get your jobs done? 3D Pal is an interactive personal assistance application that can help you get through your everyday workload. Thanks to awesome features and in-app talents the things you need to get done have just gotten so much easier.

After launch users are greeted by the app openly displayed. The graphic representing your assistant is represented on the top of the screen. An interactive conversational message stream is shown in the middle. Lastly on the bottom of the screen are five buttons for accessing settings, talents, speech, pictures and keyboard communication. The overall design of the application is made clean and simple leaving no distractions from the apps functionality and natural uses. At anytime you’d like to begin interacting with your assistant finding a starting point is as easy as tapping one of the buttons across the bottom of the screen.

There are plenty of times when we have so many things we’d like to work on. Whether it be finding quick links, calculating a math problem or even finding out the weather. Our technology is so good for helping us find out these things but that leaves so many different applications to open and peruse through. With 3D pal you can use one application to help you find all of the information you would like. By accessing the settings menu all users can quickly begin customizing their experiences with app. There is a wide selection of different voices that you can give your personal assistant. Ranging from US female and male voice to even European German voices there are plenty of options to get things exactly how you’d like. While you’ll be seeing a lot of your assistant you’ll want to have them look a certain way and thanks to fun accessories you can add glasses, different hairstyles and more in just seconds. The core of 3D Pals functionality lives in the talent section. After pushing the talent button an array of buttons are shown showing you the variety of ways it can assist you. Check out near by locations, social sites, and even play around and watch cool YouTube videos all suggested by your 3D pal. Find what you’d like whether news and more, just tap and enjoy!

Making 3D Pal so much better than other personal assistant applications are the features that its packed with. At anytime if you’d like to talk to the application you can hit the microphone button to use voice commands. Customize what your personal assistant even looks like! Have a certain person in mind, using the gallery button you can upload a picture and enjoy seeing them in the application all the time. With easy features to use its made that much simpler to input and interact with also thanks to the keyboard function. Type what you’d like and enjoy the results all the time while in 3D Pal.

Get the things you need to get done quicker and easier than ever before with 3D Pal by your side. 3D Pal is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running various versions of Android software.


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