Having a fish tank is a new fun experience in the app Fish Tank

Having a fish tank is a new fun experience in the app Fish Tank

Having a fish tank is a new fun experience in the app Fish Tank

Getting a pet is always a fun experience but taking care of it is when the real responsibility comes into play. Whether you’re having to walk your dog, brush your cat or feed your fish it can be a big hassle and surely not much fun. The new app “Fish Tank” is a new and exciting application that makes protecting your fish an enjoyable experience. Tap to feed your fish and tap to protect them from danger in this new arcade game you’re sure to play for hours.

After launch users are brought to a main menu where they can access all features the app has to offer. It’s from here that users can tap to play the game, shop, see the pets in thee app and lastly exit. The main menu is a great introduction into the app and the whole theme behind it, with well designed graphics and animations all players are sure to be excited to play as soon as they launch it.

“Fish Tank” is an application that elevates itself in the App Store thanks to it’s creative and simple gameplay. After selecting to play players will find a plethora of levels to play through and enjoy. At the start of each level the objective of the level is to spawn fish into the tank by tapping the upper left hand corner. While your fish swim around it’s your job to tap to feed them when they get hungry and it’s your job to tap any enemies that enter the screen to keep them safe. Sound like a big responsibility? The game gets even more fun as you can upgrade your fish the longer you keep them alive and eventually even upgrade clams to earn pearls. Owning a fish has definitely taken a whole new form in “Fish Tank” but it’s tons of fun.

Just when you start to get tired of the same old gaming experience on your favorite device, “Fish Tank” saves the day. With the ability to upgrade your pets, food and have fun for hours this application is definitely one you’ll want to check out. Complete levels to earn pearls, buy as many pets as you want and just enjoy a great gaming experience.

Available in the Google Play Store for absolutely free, “Fish Tank” is compatible with all Android devices running Android 3.1 and up.


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