Hidden World Android App Review

Hidden World Android App Review

Hidden World Android App Review

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Hidden World is a fun Augmented Reality (AR) app for kids. It allows you to use your device’s camera to look around for various magical creatures such as many different types of fairies and gnomes. Simply use the camera from within the app to scope out your surroundings in search of creatures. When you see one, act quickly and try to take a picture of it. If you are successful, the creature will be captured for you to observe and care for.

Upon capturing creatures, you are awarded XP points which can then be used to purchase foods for your creatures to keep them happy. If you do not feed them and give them things, they will become unhappy.

The camera seems to work well and children will have great fun looking around their house or garden in search of fairies. Also included in the app is a collection of bio pages; one for each creature, which describe where the fairies live, their personalities and their favorite food etc.

All in all, Hidden world is a neat little app which will have your young ones hooked for hours!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Android Description

See the magical world around you capture magical beings and share them!

“Belief in a hidden world full of magic should be part of every child, and adult child’s life! This app lets you see that world for the first time in real time and interact with it. The characters have recognizable mystical origins with fantasy elements from Celtic, Norse and American folklore”
• Fantasy fun with camera function, take pictures with you and a fairy, gnome or goblin
• Enables user to see different magical creatures depending on xp points
• Capture and collect the creatures to keep them as pets, share the best pictures with your friends on facebook, google, etc
• Fun for ages 7 and up

Following the success of their first app release “Life is Music”, Antara Apps is pleased to announce the second addition to their portfolio with the launch of Hidden World Camera, an innovative new photographic game app that allows the user to see and capture magical creatures with their smart device for the first time.

Requires Android: 2.0 and up

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