Hit the Gas in Bike Extreme Android App

Hit the gas in Bike Extreme Android App

Hit the gas in Bike Extreme Android App

Grab Your Dirt Bike and Race to be a Champion in Bike Extreme Android App!

Bike Extreme is an awesome bike racing game for Android in which players get to ride dirt bikes over rough outdoor and city landscapes. While using only on your fast reflexes your goal is to navigate through each level while avoiding every obstacle and keeping your balance.

The game only consists of one mode, arcade mode, which is started by tapping on the Play icon in the main menu. Before you begin playing a quick image showing the different controls is displayed followed by the level selection screen which shows how many levels you’ve unlocked.

The controls are laid out on top of the game as you play with each one moving the bike forwards, backwards, and sideways when pressed. You can also flip the direction of the bike and ride in the opposite direction.

Each level has coins you have to collect by jumping, speeding, and using other maneuvers to grab them. Collecting coins is simply a way to increase your score for each level you complete since there isn’t an in-game store you can use to purchase upgrades and other game items with collected coins.

While the inclusion of upgradable items would make this game better, this is still a very enjoyable game for casual gaming on your Android device. The graphics are crisp, the levels are fairly challenging, and the controls are very responsive.

Bike Extreme is compatible with Android OS 2.2 or above and is free to download from the Google Play store.

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