Hooves Reloaded: Horse Racing App – Earn Your Winnings and Invest in Your Horses

Hooves Reloaded: Horse Racing App

Hooves Reloaded: Horse Racing App

Hooves Reloaded: Horse Racing is an application that allows users to experience owning their own horses and racing them. Become the best horse owner and breeder as you play and increase your skills.

After launch all users are prompted to sign in. Moments after creating your account and logging in players can quickly hop into the game. Greeted by a stable with a horse, players can begin to customize and name their horses however they would like to. From the color of your horse to the color of its saddle, it’s all up to you as you create your prize winning horse. Featuring a fun cartoon styled design this creates an appealing application for both children and adults.

Playing the application is easy thanks to tap controls, with further game help also available from the main menu. The game thrives off of three things; buying your horses, training your horses, and racing your horses. All three of these things can be done in ease. With live timers that keep track of when each horse needs to be fed, trained, and brushed it’s easy to make sure that each horse has received it’s fair share of necessary care.


Racing your horses brings a real thrill to the game as you’re able to see your horses go head to head against the competition. Players can even make more money to use on their horses by even betting on races or selling their horses. Risk and skill collide as users are able to put their money to the test in hopes of bettering their horses.

With the ability to also track all that you do at your stables, races and more, Hooves Reloaded is a fun game for all horse lovers to those simply looking for a good game. Hooves Reloaded: Horse Racing is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.


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