Hop on and Prepare for a Crazy Fun Game in the Android App Hill Bill

Hop on and Prepare for a Crazy Fun Game in the Android App Hill Bill

Hop on and Prepare for a Crazy Fun Game in the Android App Hill Bill

Hill Bill is a fun and addicting game for players of all ages to enjoy. Prepare to sit and play as the funny hillbilly Bill as he chases his dream of being a stuntman like his idol Evel Knievel. Tap, swipe and play through over 60 crazy levels as you help Bill become the best.

After launch users are greeted by the main menu with a fun animation and a loud “yee-haw” from Bill himself. Featuring a play button in the middle of the screen and a button in the lower right hand corner for more info, everything is easily accessible. From the more info button users can find social network links, shop options and lastly a button for settings. To get started in the game all users have to do is hit the play button.

There are six different level packs available for players to play through, each featuring 10 levels. Each level is rated off of a three star player rating giving every player a challenge as they play. Following Bill’s dream of becoming an amazing daredevil it’s every players job to help him land tons of tricks from level to level. From playing at mud rallies to race tracks to even the circus, there are tons of fun elements to keep the game fresh. The controls of Hill Bill only help make the game that much more enjoyable. Thanks to instructional slides at the start of levels players are always informed of what to do to help Bill land his trick and get the high score. Based off of the simple controls of holding the gas button to move and swiping to make Bill perform wheelies and various tricks everything remains remotely easy. The objective of every level is to help him do all of these while going through different tracks. The farther you get in the game the harder the tracks and tricks. Can you handle the challenge?

While there are tons of levels for players to play through there are also more great features for players to enjoy. While lots of games make players have to pay real money for bonus content, Hill Bill allows players to have these rewards by simply playing and at no extra cost. Thanks to money earned in the game players can buy new bikes and outfits for Bill to have throughout the game. The more you play the more you can unlock. With even more great levels, bikes and suits available as an update in the future it’s clear to see Hill Bill is an awesome application.

Laugh and enjoy your time as you play with Bill, the hillbilly you’ll fall in love with. Hill Bill is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.0.1 and up.


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