How Much Time Do You Spend on Your Smartphone?

Screen Timer Android App Demo

Screen Timer Android App Demo

Have you ever stopped and thought about just how much you use your phone everyday? ScreenTimer is the only application of its kind that automatically tracks how much time you spend on your smartphone. From days to weeks, check out awesome charts, data and other awesome features in this app.

After launch users are prompted to select which device they are using the application on. There is a wide array of devices to select from making the app compatible for lots of users. The time log menu is then displayed showing the title of the app and then multiple timers below it. Across the bottom of the screen lies buttons to access time charts, screen time alarms, screen eyes and lastly more info. Featuring a cool design and accessible buttons the user interface of ScreenTimer is completely user friendly.

The developers at InnerG not only created a great app full of features but also one that is incredibly easy to use. Getting started with the app is automatic after selecting your device. ScreenTimer begins keeping track of how long you use your device from the very second to hour and so on. In addition a timer for timing your use of tv, computer, tablet and others is also made available. By tapping the hand button users can enter in the amount of time used for each item. Go to the home screen, respond to your text messages and go throughout your day, ScreenTimer is always keeping track in the background.

In addition to the regular timer ScreenTimer is also packed with more great features. The ScreenTimer chart visually shows users by the day or week in a bar chart how much each device is used. Also convenient is the screen time alarm where users can toggle through general settings and customize their experience. Parental Controls are even available for an in app purchase of 99 cents. This gives users the ability to control how much their children use their devices. Even more features are available like ScreenEyes where users can see great info on having healthy eyes, and lastly more info on the app on the side.

This application is great for anyone looking to check out how much they use their devices. Not only interesting ScreenTimer is entertaining to keep track of. ScreenTimer is available for 99 cents in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.


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  • matt

    I have this app…it is awesome. I’ve cut my phone usage by an hour per day!

  • Eharlow

    the bomb

  • NectarBits

    it actually gives us timing that we spend over phone , it counts screen timings and gives us in total ;
    so we get to know that how much we can save by avoiding our smartphone.