How well do you think you can spell? WellWrite – English Words Quiz

WellWrite English Words Quiz

WellWrite English Words Quiz

WellWrite! – English Words Quiz is an application that puts every players spelling skills to the test. Pick the correctly spelled words out of a series of different options. Can you get every spelling right?

After launch users are greeted by the main menu with buttons to access the apps many features. With buttons for additions, playing, accessing settings, seeing more about the app, contact information and quitting there is plenty for users to choose from. The app features a fun design containing nice patterns and color schemes. When players are ready by hitting the play button they can get started.

Get ready to think as you play the challenging game WellWrite. After pressing play there are multiple options for players to choose from. The game features a chance for individual or two player play and a correction mode. Also available is the ability to check score records, achievements and the ability to share your progress. The objective of the game is to pick the correctly spelled word out of four available options in a round. Five skill levels are available for players to choose from; general, schoolchildren, student, professor, and the most difficult winner’s words. Each round contains 20 questions. Thanks to simple controls players must think about the correct answer then simply tap it to progress onto the next. After selecting an answer a green check mark is shown next to the correct answer and if your guess was wrong a red “x” is displayed next to it. After finishing all questions your score is displayed with a letter grade. Congratulations you’ve finished the round you’re then able to either share your results with friends or return to the main menu.

Improve your spelling skills and expand your vocabulary, these are just some of the great benefits that come with playing this game. The developers at AllyTeam also added more features available as in-app purchases to make the app even better. Turn off ads or get more words to play with, all while staying in the app.

See who’s the best speller in your group of friends. Challenge yourself with something new and fun. WellWrite! is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.1 and up.


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    Cool game!