Hypnotherapist Wins Award For Best Medical App

[MobilePRwire] – At this year’s Best App Ever Awards, hypnosis app Sleep Deeply the brainchild of leading British hypnotherapist Darren Marks, won the accolade of Best Medical App in the Android division. The awards are won according to a public vote and this year more than one million people from around the world voted for Android and iOS applications.

Smartphone applications have become the latest self-development and self-help tools for techniques like hypnotherapy and Darren has pioneered their effective use and integration into this medium. Sleep Deeply is just one of a popular range of bestselling apps now available on all mobile phone platforms. They simulate, as closely as possible, what it’s like to see a real hypnotherapist. Each app includes video explanations of hypnosis, textual support material as well as powerful, high quality, advanced hypnosis audio sessions.

Other very popular apps in the range include Easy Weight Loss, Total Confidence & Success, Easy Stop Smoking & even Enjoy Great Sex!

To give you a sense of the sort of feedback these apps are receiving here are a few snippets from reviews posted on the iTunes Appstore and Androids Marketplace from around the world:

Best Sleep App I’ve found – I am a chronic insomniac and have downloaded many apps to help with the problem. This is the only one I’ve had success with. The app is extremely relaxing.
Sleep Deeply – iTunes US Appstore

This app WORKS!! 10 pounds in 30 days was sooo easy & almost effortless. Darren’s voice is very relaxing & soothing. Money well spent. Easy Weight Loss – Android Marketplace

Wow!!I have used this app and it helps me every time. After use I feel more confident and outgoing. I go places and do things I would not normally do. The more you use the more permanent the results.
Total Confidence – iTunes US Appstore

Progressing to my 4th week and no desire to ever smoke again. Cost less than a pack of fags and has literally saved my life! Easy Stop Smoking – Android Marketplace

With a free taster app entitled Relax Completely and paid apps for no more than $4.99 or £2.99 these programmes are revolutionising access to the world of self improvement.

“I’m really honoured to receive this award” says Darren. “Every day I still find it incredible and humbling that this technology has allowed me to connect with and support hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for us.”

Darren Marks, Director of Hypnotherapist Direct Ltd is a very successful international hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner who is also a certified instructor for the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists.

He worked for the South East Cancer Help Centre for many years and has travelled extensively due to his therapy services being in demand worldwide. He also runs busy private practises in London & Hertfordshire UK. Darren has been awarded the senior qualification in hypnotherapy practise by the GHR and his work often features in both the specialist & popular media.

Hypnotherapist Direct Ltd. Developers of award winning self improvement mobile applications.

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