I-Am is an App for Getting to Know and Communicating with People

I-Am is an App for Getting to Know and Communicating with People

I-Am is an App for Getting to Know and Communicating with People

I-Am is a social discovery app that helps users meet and communicate with new people while on their mobile devices. Use cool features as you search, find, and get to know people in a fresh fun way.

After launch users are greeted by a prompt to create their profiles. By inputting a picture, and information like name, age, gender, and more users are able to get started in the app. The more information added into the app the better the results when finding people who share things in common. The app features a clean design. Nicely designed graphics accompanied by crisp colors create a great experience for the eye. After putting in all of the information you would like to add to the app by hitting the “Done” button users are then brought to the main menu. After these short steps the process of setting up the app is complete and users can hop right into using I-Am’s many great features.

Most mobile socializing apps can be cluttered, confusing, and lack content. I-Am steers far away from these stereotypes. Whether dating or just looking for friends there is something for everyone to enjoy. With over 2,000 new profiles being registered on a daily basis there are tons of people for users to interact with. From the main menu users will find their picture with four buttons around it. These four buttons hold four great features while the bottom of the screen shows both the circles from the app and the ones users create.

The “events”button shows users the activity of I-Am profiles nearby. See when someone has posted a photo, made a new status and more by the minute. The “messages” button is where users can keep track of all of their messages within the app. Send pictures, gifts, and even audio messages as you stay in touch every minute with ease. From the “flights” button users can virtually travel anywhere they’d like. See who else is at a location, meet up and socialize with others all over the world. The “spotlight” button allows users to filter there results for who they are looking for. Pick your personal preferences from gender, age, and online availability to help find yourself exactly the kind of person you’re looking for. Circles on the bottom of the main menu help make keeping track of those you want to a breeze. Whether by location, interest, favorites or whatever you choose always have your friends there when you need them.

Meet new people and start relationships in an easier way than ever before. Explore profiles, say “hi”, send gifts, and more. I-Am is full of options. Customize your settings exactly how you’d like, explore profiles and begin socializing today. I-Am is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.


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