I Buzzed First!

I Buzzed First! Android App Review

I Buzzed First! Android App Review

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It’s a race to the buzzer with I Buzzed First! for Android Devices. Test your reaction time with your friends in this application that utilizes multi-phone networking. I buzzed First! connects three or more phones together to play this real-time challenge where opponents try and tap the illuminate “buzzer “ button on their device before all others. One player takes control as the “Quiz Master” while the others challenge one another

One of the strong points of I Buzzed First! is it allows users to connect using multiple device and platforms. That’s right – Android and i Devices together at last. It’s 2012 after all, can’t we all get along?!

Here are the stipulations: all players must be connected to WiFi, and all through the same network – networks 3G and faster. To test drive this app we used an Android device, iPhone 4 and an iPad and found no issues whatsoever.

Some players wishing to connect online or play against the computer may think of the overall concept as a drawback, but the strength and premise of this app is to connect with groups of friends or family for a fun challenge.

Great for parties, family get-togethers and not that we are advocating it, but drinking games! Set up is a breeze, once everyone is connected and logged-in, the players enter their name and it’s up to the Quiz Master to start the rounds.

We would like to see this application involve into trivia, questions, or other actions to incorporated into this battle of speed. Overall, there is plenty of novelty with I Buzzed First!, the concept is neat and the cross-platform and device connectivity is definitely first class.

Android Description
A ‘fastest finger first’ game show quiz buzzer for Android phones!

A ‘fastest finger first’ buzzer for Android Phones! Now you and your friends can see who is the quickest with I Buzzed First! Have you ever wanted to host your own quiz, but needed an easy way to know who is the first to answer? I Buzzed First! is the app you need.

One phone acts as the ‘Quiz Master’, and any number of Contestants (on separate phones) connect to the quiz. When you’re ready to start, the Quiz Master starts the first round, and the buzzer buttons on all the Contenstant’s phones light up. The first Contestant to press their buzzer is rewarded with a satisfying sound, and locks all the other Contestants out. Then the Quiz Master starts the next round, and off you go again! Great for setting up quiz bowl / game show buzzer / trivia party / gameshow type events when you need to buzz in.

I Buzzed First! even tells everyone in the quiz the name of the person who buzzed first. Any number of Contestants can connect to the same quiz.

NOTE: The app will need to be installed on at least THREE phones to be useful. One phone acts as the ‘Quiz Master’, and two (or many more) other phones join the quiz to see who buzzes first. All the phones MUST be connected to the same WiFi network. (Will not work on 2/3G only)

* Fully Compatible with the iPhone version of I Buzzed First! *
You can form a quiz with any combination of Android Phones and iPhones running I Buzzed First!

Please send any support questions to for a speedy response

Requires Android:
2.2 and up

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