iCallDialer Automatically Dial Any Telephone and Teleconference Codes

iCallDialer App Review

iCallDialer App Review

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With iCallDialer, Enteprise Solved® LLC has delivered an innovative and powerful utility and productivity app. There are apps to manage everything, but it seemed like developers neglected to consider the most basic of all phone functions – your calls!

This is a straight forward interface which allows you to enter your important event or call information and gives the ability to auto dial the stored number if you wish. You can also add events directly from your native calendar and favorites.

The functionality couldn’t be easier; simply pre-schedule you’re personal or conference calls and your all set. You can even program a conference call code, eliminating the need to scramble for that invitation email prior to the call. On the day and time of your call, you will receive a notification with the event details and the number (if auto dial is enabled), and with one tap your connecting to your party.

There isn’t a lot of depth to this app folks, but there doesn’t need to be – because it works! We scheduled several events and calls with no issues whatsoever. iCallDialer is available in full and Lite versions for both Android and iPhone and is a must have for the business professional or people on the go.

Rating: ★★★★½

Android Description

iCallDialer is a program that will automatically dial any telephone and teleconference codes at the time of your scheduled call.

Schedule and automatically dial any telephone or teleconference codes from your Android device! Take the complexity out of dialing numbers and codes and experience the new iCallDialer app which utilizes Android Calendar integration and other features on your Android to efficiently schedule and make outbound calls.

Begin using your iCallDialer Android app, which is integrated with the iCallDialer web application portal, and sync your scheduled calls. Schedule a call wherever you are and never miss dialing into an important call. The solution supports inviting other iCallDialer Android and iPhone app customers to your calls, once they accept your invite, the call is scheduled on their Android or iPhone device.

With this Android app, you can easily manage, schedule, attend and host conference calls while you are on the go.

• Schedule future outbound calls
• Automatically dial numbers and codes
• Automatically upload call details from your Android calendar into your iCallDialer app
• Invite others to future calls and have their phones automatically dial outbound calls
• Manage calls across time zones
• Manage favorites and reduce re-entry of call information, numbers and codes
• CRM uses such as scheduling future customer calls
• Initiate inbound phone call requests
• Initiate the routing of calls between a series of individuals
• Manage calls for another individual
• Maintain a log of scheduled and made calls
• Sync future calls between your iCallDialer Android app and iCallDialer web application portal
• Call Now feature allows you to dial any scheduled call numbers on demand

• Schedule/Add a call event
• Receive an alert at the time of the event
• Confirm that you want to make the call
• The numbers are dialed for you

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