Icy Joe Free Android App Review

Icy Joe Free Android App Review

Icy Joe Free Android App Review

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Icy Joe is an adventurous fellow, craving the adrenaline rush and dangers of ice climbing, earning him the nickname Icy Joe. However, Icy Joe, should have listened to his cute little Eskimo girlfriend’s warning to be more careful. Joe now finds himself at the bottom of an ice cave, and our brave explorer is armed with just a hammer!

Calling all vintage Nintendo® gamers, this is based on, and will immediately have you recalling Ice Climber, one of the original console hits of the mid 1980’s. In this modern present day iteration, Icy Joe Free Developer ArtOfBytess has laid out our mission if we choose to accept it: help rescue Icy Joe from this icy despair in this challenging platformer for Android devices.

There is over 50 levels of challenging ice caves and the further you advance, the more difficult the challenges and obstacles.  You will encounter plenty of foes in these caves of hell including penguins, walrus’, foxes. Polar bears, and other assorted arctic beasts.

The controls are fairly smooth and you’ll only need to memorize tilt and press left or right to move, jump and attack. There are times when you will need to use your wit and dexterity to maneuver certain items to climb higher. As you climb this platformer and out of the ice cave, you will be collecting coins, treasure chests among other items earning you points, assorted power ups along with plenty of attainable achievements.

Icy Joe Free for Android devices is available at no cost, with the pro version available for just a couple of bucks. Some modern fans may not appreciate some of the more simple aspects of Icy Joe Free, such as the nostalgic primitive graphics, or the way the newly conquered enemies display their point value before spinning and tumbling to their icy demise. But it’s the simple gaming and retro nature of this game upping the replay value, which will keep us and other classic gamer fans returning.

Android Description
Icy Joe’s fallen down a pit full of vicious animals – can you get him out?

Play now for free!

Joe’s trapped in a cave and needs your help! There’s only you and your hammer — so smash, jump and fight your way back to the sunny world. Go fast and don’t make a widow of that pretty Eskimo girl.

Icy Joe’s inspired by a classic platformer with smooth motion control and over 50 levels. Each stage’s got a fresh mix of bad guys, puzzles and challenges.

Unlock achievements, master the caves and see how your scores measure up online with scoreloop!

Requires Android:
2.0.1 and up

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