The Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Wants to Horrify the iPhone World with Hollyweird Zombies

Herschell Gordon Lewis, the notorious 60’s horror film director of Blood Feast and the originator of the splatter film subgenre, and ZombieActive Games are excited to announce the November 17, 2011 release of Hollyweird Zombies for the iPhone.

“Lewis—known as the Godfather of Gore—has breathed new life into the zombie shooter genre,” according to Nick Pawluk, president of ZombieActive Games. “There are over 500,000 iPhone apps and dozens of zombie game apps, but this will be the first with the creative input of an infamous and controversial Hollywood director,” Pawluk said. “Hollyweird Zombies promises to be as shocking and cutting-edge as any of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ films.”

ZombieActive Games is a small, independent Los Angeles, California based company dedicated to developing interesting and fun iPhone and iPad games. Lewis is a master filmmaker who has skillfully depicted the macabre in movies like Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964), Blood Feast (1963), Color Me Blood Red (1965) and Monster a-Go Go (1965). The Pittsburg, Pennsylvania-born director also contributed as an actor, narrator, and radio announcer in some of his films, even singing the title song in Two Thousand Maniacs.

“As a director, Lewis has taken horror films to unimaginable heights of creativity and he gained an immense following among movie goers,” Pawluk said. “His fans are eagerly waiting to see what his genius has in store for them with the release of Hollyweird Zombies.”

The November 17, 2011 release of Hollyweird Zombies is a testament to consumers’ insatiable appetite for horror and gore. It also underscores the increasing popularity of iPhone, iPod and iPad apps and portable gaming. Hollyweird Zombies seeks to satisfy consumer demand for fun and entertaining games and desires to be a contributing factor in the growth of the iPhone app market.

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