InfiApps Launches Penguin Wings for Android

[MobilePRwire] – With over 2 million addicted iPhone and iPad players, Penguin Wings releases its first Android version. This addicting game is FREE on the Android Market.

Developer InfiApps is proud to announce the first Android release of Penguin Wings. Penguin Wings is a popular gaming title that allows users to zone out daily stress with adorable penguin characters by simply pressing a finger onto the screen. There are different items you can collect to advance faster and score more points and the game is sprinkled with awesome power-ups like the Super Magnet that grabs coins that are near you and the Super
Rocket that lets the user launch the penguin into the sky.

Penguin Wings is simple to play, but difficult to master. To increase speed, users press and hold anywhere on the screen while going downhill, and stop pressing when going uphill. The game keeps users engaged by continuously challenging users to improve their scores and unlock additional mystery characters and game levels.

Penguin Wings is available for FREE on the Android Market. For details email

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