Insites Android Social Media App

Insites Android Social Media App

Insites Android Social Media App

Insites is a social media app that lets you share and capture different parts of the web with your friends. This app puts a spin on traditional social media by letting you crop out interesting parts of web pages and sharing them with your friends on social media. Whether you’re trying to find the latest news, coolest article, or funniest picture, Insites will point you to the right direction.

As with any other social media app, Insite requires you to create an account and a basic profile where you can interact with other users. In the home menu, you can explore, search, find articles posted by people near you, view the users you are following as well as your own profile, create snippets of web content, and follow trending news.

It may seem like the app can do a lot, but there is never a point where all the features feel overwhelming. Instead, the intuitive interface and gestures make this a very fluid and streamlined app anyone can use. The app also supports Evernote which is great especially if you’re a regular note taker. In the home screen, a list of the latest article posted will show up alongside articles “nearby”, and trending news.

Perhaps the most defining feature is the crop feature which lets you cut out different pieces of a web article you find interesting. To use this feature simply tap on the crop option, then drag the crop box around the content you want to extract. Once this is done, it will show up on your profile so that you and your followers can view it.

Insites is free to download from the Google Play store and requires Android 2.2 and above.

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