Introducing a new way to capture images with PhotoSequence Pro

bitRibelle is proud to announce the release of PhotoSequence Pro for Android. When a single photo is not enough to capture an action or a short video is too cumbersome to play, try PhotoSequence. Capture a large number of photos in quick succession at an incredible rate and re-live the moment at your pace, by scrolling the images back and forth at the speed of your fingertips. Sports, panoramas, nature and more: anything that moves can be captured by PhotoSequence Pro.

PhotoSequence Pro changes the way we shoot photos. bitRibelle’s team likes to describe PhotoSequence as “Better than a photo, more fun than a video”.

Where a single photo is not enough to capture motion and time or a short video is too cumbersome to reproduce the experience, PhotoSequence Pro introduces a third option.

You can now capture a large number of photos per second and than replay the photosequence by scrolling the images at the speed of your fingertips.

Capturing an action sport move, taking a 360 degrees panorama or even taking pictures of your family or friends trying to blow their birthday candles is going to be much easier from now on. Never miss a moment again with PhotoSequence Pro.

There is more; you can combine the best shots in a layout and save the result in your photo gallery. Or you can pick and choose the best frame and share it on the web.

PhotoSequence Pro is the fastest shutter on the Android market. You can capture between 15 and 30 photos per second based on your device or you can slow down the capture speed to grab longer actions with different timings. PhotoSequence Pro is compatible with a wide variety of Android devices on the market, supporting version 2.1 and up.

This is only the beginning; bitRibelle is working hard to add real-time effects for your photos and also a brand new way to share the entire photosequence online.

PhotoSequence Pro is available now for Android at

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Established in London in 2009 by former game developers, bitRibelle is a laboratory for creative experimentation and innovation.

Driven by years of experience working with handheld game consoles (going all the way back to the Gameboy), bitRibelle’s aim is to create quirky interactive products and have fun developing them.

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