JanCard Android App Review

JanCard Android App Review

JanCard Android App Review

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Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the new Android Platformed card app named Jan Card, and further explain the unique combination of poker and mah-jong it contains, we’ll help some folks out with a description of mah-jong itself.

Mah-jong is an ancient card game originating and made popular in Asian culture. The game is played with three or four participants and there is even an westernized solo version a la solitaire. The most elementary definition I can give is that cards are drawn and discarded until desirable groups of pairs have been reached.

So now that you have some background on mah-jong, and feeling fairly comfortable most know how to play or are at least aware of poker, you should know that Japanese based app developer J’s Avenue Inc. has recently, and we mean just released Jan Card; a completely unique and refreshing addition to the Android Market Cards & Casino category.

The battle at the card table is waged not between human players, but cute sketch animation animals. That’s right; you can pit the bashful lamb against the hungry lion to see who reigns supreme! Melds, card lingo for showing a combination of cards to the table, are used for scoring points. Quick wit is also needed as you can view and block your opponent’s melds.  There is even a high roller table if you can master Jan Card, and there is a useful help button on screen readily available for any confused novices.

We would like to see the price drop by maybe a dollar from $2.99 since there is such an over-saturation of poker and card games. However, we feel once word gets out and players catch on to the distinguished unique game play and concept, Jan Card’s popularity could really soar.

Android Description
This card game has mixture of elements of mah-jong and poker for everyone. Mix and match for the best 6-card-combination, and win the game with higher points. Intelligent game with adorable animals. Advance to high roller table of stronger animals after getting more chips.

Requires Android:
1.6 and up

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