Jelly Wars – Android App Review

Jelly Wars - Android App Review

Jelly Wars - Android App Review

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Jelly Wars is a fun online game that is suitable for all ages. It is a classic style volleying game, comparable to Pocket Tanks, Worms and those other turret based shooting games we have come to love. You control a little blob of jelly, and you have just one opponent on each level whom you battle by taking turns to fire jelly balls at each other. This is done by dragging your finger from your blob outwards to aim, and releasing to fire. There are two weapons to pick from, one which bounces on contact and one which sticks to stuff (the third ‘weapon’ is used for movement, launching your player to get to a better position). The launched jelly balls explode after a short amount of time, and deals damage to players near it – reducing their health. You start with 100% health each and the game ends when one player runs out of life – making the other player the winner.

A nice feature in this game is the fact that the maps are destructible – pieces move and break when they get hit, meaning the battle zone is ever-changing. What would be really nice though, would be a much bigger variety of weapons. This could work in a similar way to Worms; i.e. certain weapons are accessible after a set number of turns. That said, the game is still young and fun to play anyhow – and who knows, maybe we’ll see an update containing more weapons later on!

With great live gameplay, shiny, colourful and cute visuals, Jelly wars is a winner when you have a bit of time to kill!

Rating: ★★★★

iTunes Descriptions

Get Jelly Wars and become a soldier in an ancient war!

Star Arcade is the number one social mobile gaming community where gamers from all over the world can meet and play against each other. Join Star Arcade social gaming community and continue the ancient war, Jelly War. Registration is free!

In Jelly Wars your objective is to destroy your opponent either by shooting exploding jelly shots at them or the bar below them causing the bar to fall. Aim carefully! The closer you shoot, the more energy you take from your opponent. You can change your position by jumping or if your opponent is somewhere you can’t reach, you can shoot sticky green jelly shots to the bars.

This is an age-old story of a treasure that caused a war, a war that you can now continue.

Since the beginning of the planet Jelly, two tribes, red and blue, had lived in opposite sides of the mountain. They lived peacefully, hardly even knowing of the other tribe.

Then one day, long time ago, they noticed a bright light in the sky. It grew bigger and brighter, so big that it lit up the whole sky. Finally the source of the light, a massive meteorite, hit the mountain, causing a huge light pillar. Both tribes sent their bravest soldier to find out what was causing the amazing glow. When the soldiers reached the top of the mountain, first the only thing they noticed was amazing, glowing treasure. Both soldiers declared that the treasure belonged to their tribe. The fight over the treasure turned into a war.

Years and generations passed and the war kept raging. Now you can take part!

Features: Cool graphics, Ranking system, Stats, Buddy invitation and much more!

Star Arcade – be a legend!

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