Joe’s American Poker – Hit the Jackpot Without Spending a Penny!

For a lot of people, us included, a couple of hours spent playing some video poker on a slot machine someplace is a lot of fun but also rather dangerous – for the wallet at least. It is far too easy to get a little too carried away and end up, if your luck just wasn’t good today, with a lot less cash than you arrived with, or planned to part with. It can also get a little unpleasant when you are confronted by rather sterny and scary older ladies who suddenly accuse you of stealing their machine.

Joe’s American Poker, is an iPhone app that is designed to remove that danger. For just $0.99 for the paid version you can enjoy all the fun of real poker slots without parting with any more of your hard earned cash or having to face off with any angry grannies.

For anyone who has never played a video poker slot machine, the graphics in Joe’s American Poker may seem a little crude. However for those of us familiar with video poker slots, its apparent from the first minute you fire up the app that what the developer has achieved is a very faithful recreation of the machines we are used to playing in the real world which makes the game even better in general. The colors are crisp and clear and render well, and the whole interface has a very real feel to it (therefore you should check over your shoulder for those poker loving grannies before you play at the bus stop)

The sounds are just like the real thing as well. In fact the only thing that is really missing is the need to actually spend any money, which can only be a good thing. All in all the graphics and sounds in Joe’s American Poker do exactly what they are supposed to do, give you an iPhone version of a video slot game.

If we were forced to sum up the gameplay in Joe’s American Poker in a single word that word would be ‘addicting’. Even if you have never played a game like it before we can pretty much guarantee you’ll get hooked. If you end up on a losing streak you’ll be desperate to break it and a winning streak? Well you know how that one goes.

If you have never played poker video slots, or even poker come to that matter, we know there are those who have not, don’t let that put you off giving Joe’s American Poker a go (you download a free version to give it a test drive) Tap the Help bar on the start up screen and there you will find a great step by step guide to playing the game, not only how to play through this game itself but how to play poker in general. There are strategy tips and hints and the instructions are clear and friendly enough that anyone should feel confident enough to dive right in after a quick read through.

And that is the real beauty of the gameplay in Joe’s American Poker, it is easy, easy enough that kids, Moms, Dads, and yes Grannies can play it. The red/black gambling feature is a lot of fun (OK its addictive) as we guarantee you’ll be as excited (or almost as excited) about hitting the jackpot in Joe’s American Poker as you would be in real life. No, you don’t actually get any real money but then you do not lose any either.

If you feel like getting a bit competitive you can try to match the scores of the “Pokers Best 150” that are listed on the leaderboard. All we can say there is, good luck with that as some of the folks up there have some very high scores.

When you talk about whether or not an iPhone game app is good value for money you have to consider a number of different factors. Does it have replay value? Is it actually playable right away? Can you play it in the back of the boardroom/lecture hall/at the bus stop to relieve boredom? Joe’s American Poker scores a yes on all those fronts and really 0.99 is a great deal for a game that you can play (and very likely will play) again and again and again.

Joe’s American Poker is one of those apps that proves that a game does not need state of the art 3D graphics or a complicated storyline to be an engrossing little pastime that the whole family can enjoy.

The gameplay in this application will make you forget about impressive 3D graphics the very first minute.
Just watch out for those poker loving grannies, as once they get their hands on Joe’s American Poker you may never get your iPhone back!

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