Jump into the water and find a wave of fun in the app Deep Sea Slots

Jump into the water and find a wave of fun in the app Deep Sea Slots

Jump into the water and find a wave of fun in the app Deep Sea Slots

The sound of bass booming brings an electric feel in your body exciting you to fist pump and dance with every beat. With every wobble sound, every high pitch change the music calls you to go out and have fun. The app “Dubstep Hero” is a new application that captures the essence of these feelings, the music and turns them into a crazy fun game. Turn up the volume and prepare to headline your very own dubstep tour in this exciting app.

After launch users are brought to a main menu where they can find and access all of the features the app has to offer. Here is where all players can access the game, see the tracks they can play, check out more games, settings and of course exit the app. With a green light show moving in the background players will want to get started right away.

Dubstep is one of the most intense but still relaxing music styles out there today. It’s rapid bass movements accompanied by rhythmic melodies make for an awesome listening experience. Up to this point sure you’ve spent plenty of time listening to dubstep but are you ready to play it? After hitting “game” users will find two different modes that they can play through “normal” or even “custom”. At the beginning of each mode you can select which song you’d like to play and also see your progressive high score on the side, simply tap the one you’d like to start.

Let the rave begin! Players will then find five colored buttons along the bottom of the screen with incoming corresponding buttons coming to them. The objective of the game is to tap each button as it comes across its centered counterpart on the bottom. If players hit the buttons at just the right time they’ll find that they are timed perfectly coinciding with the music. With every high-pitched electronic noise and every thump of the bass booming your goal is to tap along with them to add to your score. Miss a button and well you’ll miss out on the points and players will want to do their best as they can enable a streak multiplier by consecutively hitting the buttons without a miss. Joining the party is just a download away, get ready to have the time of your life.

Sure you can listen to music while on a car ride but why not play along with it yourself? Sure you can turn on your favorite dubstep playlists but it’s surely not gonna be as fun as the app “Dubstep Hero”. Join the real party and play through 20 amazing music tracks or if you’d like make an in-app purchase to play with even your own music. Listen to the beat and tap to match the rhythm, play until the song ends and check out your high-scores. Tap, tap, tap and don’t miss a beat so you can score high enough to unlock the next awesome song. The music doesn’t stop, the fun doesn’t stop, so get going and join in with the app “Dubstep Hero”.

Become the life of the party and turn up the tunes in the app “Dubstep Hero”. “Dubstep Hero” is available for free in the Google Play Store ( for all Android devices running Android 2.3 and up. You can check out more on the app “Dubstep Hero” and more on


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