Junction iPad App – Going New Ways in Dialogue with Readers

iPad or print medium: that is the question that publishers the world over are asking today. junction, the english language iPad only app from publishers Werben & Verkaufen, is hunting for an answer in an open dialogue with their readers. Read the first suggestions and opinions in issue 2 of the digital marketing and lifestyle app which is free and available for download on the AppStore today.

Currently one subject is being furiously debated in the media industry: will the iPad be able to sustainably excite users as the digital counterpart to print media? Furthermore, where will the tablet find its position in the spread between the agility of the web on the one hand and the haptics and quality perception of printed media on the other?

Werben & Verkaufen wants to use the dialogue with the audience of its internationally launched ipad only magazine for digital marketing and lifestyle to help find the answers to these questions.

junction was able to excite readers straight away with its mixture of multimedia content and quality journalism: the as yet unknown brand held its own for three days in the pole position under the free news apps in the US App Store, “this reassured us of our product’s concept“ says Martin Korosec, managing director of Werben & Verkaufen GmbH.

In order to strengthen their position on the market, junction wants to continue going new ways to differentiate itself from both online and print. In addition, junction wants to animate the audience of the app into regularly taking part in open discussions and sharing their opinions in order to improve the app and the content in the future.

In the second issue of the iPad only app, the facebook, twitter, appstore and E-Mail feedback and comments from the audience have been analysed and implemented, already. The implemented suggestions are visible from the optical design and the layout of the user interface right through to the significantly decreased size of the app itself. “junction doesn’t only wish to actively listen to their audience but rather to actually implement their wishes as well“, says Martin Korosec. The current issue is available for download for free in the App Store. The content of the current issue covers the true costs of corporate Facebook profiles, the 3D movie business and the phenomenon of social games.

About junction:
junction, the new english language iPad only-app from the publishers Werben & Verkaufen, offers readers a unique synergy of sophisticated content in a monthly eMagazine plus realtime information from the (social)web. The option to personalise all information within junction according to ones own taste makes junction a must have for dealing with the digital flood of information on business trends, technological developments and lifestyle. Besides the content and functional components, junction distinguishes itself through its innovative features, technical effects and add-ons. junction is aimed at business professionals worldwide who enjoy discovering new trends.

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