Keep Track of Your Passwords in a Safe Secure Way with the App HighCrypt

Keep Track of Your Passwords in a Safe Secure Way with the App HighCrypt

Keep Track of Your Passwords in a Safe Secure Way with the App HighCrypt

HighCrypt is a password protection application that uses 256 bit advanced encryption to keep all of your passwords safe. Never have to worry about remembering multiple passwords again. Create, store and protect your passwords all in one great application.

After initial launch users are greeted by a welcome guide that briefly introduces users to the app. The choice to either continue the guide or skip to using the app is made available by the buttons on the bottom of the screen. From here users are prompted to either load a data base from an external location or to create one themselves. Creating a new data base is easy. By simply creating your own password you’re able to get started with the app. Extra protection is made possible as easy number patterns like “1234” and “0000” are not available to use. Users are prompted to enter in this password every time they open the application. Enjoy a piece of mind as you know that all of the passwords you enter into the app are safe and only available with the entry password.

Keeping track of all of your passwords is a breeze in HighCrypt. After entering your entry password users are greeted by the main screen where all of the different password types you’ve stored in the app are seen. While most password protection apps can be cluttered and difficult to use, the design of HighCrypt keeps everything clean and organized. Buttons to access another menu, add a password, and search through all of your passwords lie on the top of the screen. With great preset popular applications and password types automatically available like Yahoo, Facebook, and credit cards users can quickly input their data. From descriptions to passwords, notes and more there are plenty of spots for users important information to stay.

While being able to enter your passwords into HighCrypt this application is also great for generating passwords for you to use. Whether you would like passwords strictly with numbers, symbols, letters and more you can easily tap check boxes to meet your preferences. By dragging the slider you can also increase the length of your passwords. Create passwords with ease and enjoy knowing that all of your stuff is secure. Organize your passwords thanks to the ability to categorize them in custom folders, favorite them and more. If you’d like an optional self-destruct option is also available so if someone attempts to guess your password all of your data is deleted. With over 120 icons to personalize your entries and lots of different password types available this is app is sure to be a great addition to your device.

Don’t become a part of the statistics that use the same passwords across websites. Avoid the danger of losing your protection and download HighCrypt to enjoy a great password protection experience. HighCrypt is available for $1.99 in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 4.0 and up.


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