Keep your Android Smartphone Clean with Clean Master

Clean Master App Demo

Clean Master App Demo

There’s nothing worse than having to put up with a slow, unresponsive smartphone. The sad part is that even if you have the latest version of Android installed or the most powerful hardware available, you’re still not immune from smartphone slowness. That’s because smartphones regularly store unnecessary files in their memory to keep everything running properly. Over time, however, these junk files accumulate and slow down the device.

Luckily, the solution to this problem is as simple as downloading an app called Clean Master. The app helps accelerate your phone to near-new speeds by optimizing the residual files on your device. With over 500 million installs in the app store, this app is a trusted choice for many Android users looking for a comprehensive performance solution.

Once installed, the app automatically scans your device for any junk files. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen indicates how long the process will take, in a similar fashion to how antivirus software displays the progress of your computer scan. If you’ve ever cleared the memory on your web browser or your computer, you’ll be familiar with the types of files that Clean Master recommends for cleaning.

These files include residual files from uninstalled apps, empty folders, system cache, service files, and other unnecessary files your device stores in its memory. To rid your device of these pesky junk files, just tap on the aptly named “Clean Junk” button on the bottom of the screen and watch as your device takes a new breath of fresh air. You can also tap on the “Advanced” button on the top of the interface to access more detailed settings.

Aside from being a fully featured file cleaning app, Clean Master also comes with an antivirus, CPU cooler, app manager, game booster, battery saver and a ton of other cool add-ons that will give you full control over your device’s performance. One of the most useful features is the AppLock feature, which lets you lock any app on your phone so that prying eyes won’t have access to your personal information.

Clean Master not only offers an impressive selection of features, but it’s also a highly accurate, and powerful solution for boosting your device’s performance. You can download it for free today by visiting the Google Play Store.


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