Kids Shell Android App is a Safe Phone Mode for Children

Kids Shell Android App is a Safe Phone Mode for Children

Kids Shell Android App is a Safe Phone Mode for Children

Kids Shell Android App Keeps You Kids Safe When Using Your Mobile Device

Kid’s Shell is a parental control Android app that protects your child from viewing any inappropriate content while using your device. The Android app gives you ultimate control your child’s activity in an intuitive interface designed to transform your device’s home screen into a child safe version.

The opening tutorial provides you with step by step instructions about how to configure the app and use different parental control features. The app is essentially a decoy home screen that you can activate whenever your child uses your device.

You can select the apps that you deem as child safe and Kid’s Shell will only show those apps whenever you enable “Kid Mode”. This creates a divided user experience where the parent and child are able to view different apps when using the same device. Furthermore while the app is in kid mode your child won’t be able to send SMS messages or make purchases from the app store.

Although the app does simulate a home screen, there aren’t any options to customize the background image. The default pale blue background appears throughout the interface whenever kid mode is enabled and you’ll only be able to see your device’s background image once you quit the app.

In order to access the parent mode you have to solve a multiplication problem first which is intended to prevent the likelihood of your child changing your settings by mistake. However if your child knows their multiplication tables then your out of luck as there’s no other security options used to block your child from entering parent mode.

Overall this is a good app to have if you want a way to restrict certain apps installed on your device without the need to resort to , he basic security features mean that this app won’t be suitable if you have children that are older than 3 years old.

Kid’s Shell is compatible with all Android devices running OS 2.2 or above and is free to download from Google Play.


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