Launch your device into cool new homescreens and more in the app Buzz Launcher

Launch your device into cool new homescreens and more in the app Buzz Launcher

Launch your device into cool new homescreens and more in the app Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is a launcher application that allows users to have a brand new customizable experience when using their devices. Download, apply and personalize as you customize and create awesome homescreens.

After initial launch users are greeted by a brief welcoming into the app. A few summary slides quickly show users a taste of what lies in store when using the application. From picking through tons of cool homescreen themes to making and sharing your own, this app is full of great features. The design in Buzz Launcher is a great representation of the quality of the app. A creative logo, crisp colors and shapes meet users throughout. Enjoy organization and smooth responses as you enhance your device with Buzz Launcher.

Using the application is easy. By simply downloading a homescreen from the huge selection of categories, trends and more you can begin. After download the app will show you a preview of what the homescreen will look like on your device. By hitting the add button just like that your device is transformed into having the cool new homescreen you’ve chosen. From here users can enjoy the new look of how apps icons are displayed, wallpapers, widgets and more.

The real fun in Buzz Launcher comes when customizing homescreens to meet your personal preferences. With over 40,000 great homescreens available through the apps Homepack Buzz feature users have tons of choices. Get your screens to look just how you’d like thanks to the ability to pick and edit widgets, wallpapers, and tons of other great settings. Designate your grids, manage your app drawers even enjoy adding gesture support for easier everyday tasks. There’s tons of different things to customize and with Buzz Launcher you can give your device a brand new edge.

Tired of having the same old experience on your devices? No problem, download Buzz Launcher to enjoy something fresh and just how you like it on your device today. Buzz Launcher is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 4.0.3 and up.


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