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If you have just a basic understanding of the english language, yet wish to learn enough to read text which is of interest to you then this app is going to be very useful indeed. It combines audiobooks and ebooks to create a really unique learning style.

While you listen to the audiobook, the app also marks each word as it is being spoken so you can keep track. You can tap on a word to get an instant translation (which can be really handy seeing as the English language has so many different words for the same thing).

Provided, also, is the amazing speech from John F. Kennedy in 1960, so if you want to, you can really learn some famous quotes!

Rating: ★★★★½

Android Description

Learn English with the Karaoke Audiobook Reader!

The Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader combines the concepts of audiobook, e-book, dictionary and learning tool into a powerful language learning app.

App Features:
- Karaoke-style synchronization of text and audio
- Tap any word to see its translation
- Save words and translations as exercises
- Practice and learn words with effective flashcard method
- Repetition served according to your personal learning profile

Karaoke4English is intended for people with at least basic knowledge of English. The purpose is to reach a whole new level where you can read anything which is of interest to you. The first step is to develop the ability to read texts and to increase your vocabulary.

In the app, you can listen to audiobooks and read the text on your screen at the same time. The text is marked-up in the pace of reading in order to keep track of the position in the text, just like karaoke. The audio-visual experience relates the spoken word to the written word and enhances the learning experience.

You can immediately look up words from the text in a dictionary and save exercises, in order to make sure you actually learn the words you look up. When doing exercises, the app measures and monitors your learning, and makes sure you repeat exercises until you learn them.

This version contains the legendary speech given by John F Kennedy when taking the Oath of office on January 20, 1960, including the immortal words “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Integrated dictionaries available with translations from English to Spanish, German, Russian, French, and Italian.

Brainglass also offers other Karaoke4English titles in Android Market.

Requires Android:
1.6 and up

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