Leave no treasure left behind in the game Pearl Hunter

Pearl Hunter App Demo

Pearl Hunter App Demo

If you’ve ever dreamed of sailing the big blue ocean with the likes of pirates on board and a giant ship in-route for treasure, then the app “Pearl Hunter” is perfect for you. Jump into the story following a young boy named Jimmy as he is forced to help pirates uncover treasure. Defy danger, collect and survive your way through each level of this original and entertaining adventure.

After launch users are brought to a main menu that immediately brings in the theme of the game. While the design fully captures the pirating theme there are also buttons for players to access all features of the game. Pick which level you’d like to play or simply continue your way through the story by tapping the on screen options. Getting started in this game is as simple as it gets making it easy for players of all ages to enjoy.

Take to the seas and collect what you can but beware of sharks along the way. In the app “Pearl Hunter” all players help Jimmy as he is forced to swim to the bottom of the ocean to collect pearls and even diamonds while on his journey. While this can be a treacherous swim all players must hold and move their fingers across the screen to help guide Jimmy safely to and from the pearl. Keep a close eye on the meter tracking your oxygen and collide into small bubbles to maintain your breathing. But here’s where things get tricky along the way if you run into big bubbles next thing you know you’ll be floating away in it, double tap the screen to pop it and keep moving. With these big bubbles getting in your way, sharks trying to attack you and the temptation of grabbing every diamond in sight, this all helps to create a fun challenge unlike what any other game in the app store seems to offer nowadays.

The ultimate test of skill comes as once you’ve pocketed the pearl a big and dangerous monster tries to get it back from you. Help guide Jimmy to the end of each level by helping him reach his way back to the pirate’s ship. Sound easy? Just wait until you try it out yourself! With three lives for each trip and high stakes in fulfilling the wishes of the pirates are you up to the challenge?

Join the adventure and collect every bit of treasure in sight in the riveting game “Pearl Hunter”. Now available in the Google Play Store for free “Pearl Hunter” and is compatible with all Android devices running Android 4.0 and up.


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