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Starting Trends is pleased to announce the official launch of their Let’s Talk Tablets site. The site focuses on all things relating to tablet pc’s and covers everything from new tablet operating systems and OS updates, to reviews on the latest tablets, apps and accessories.

Launched on May 08, 2011 the site is already populated with dozens of original articles. Its team of writers and industry experts update the site daily with content intended to help readers get the most from their portable touch screen tablets. The inclusive site gives no preference to any one platform. Their articles span a myriad of operating systems, including but not limited to iOS and Android platforms.

“We want our readers to come away informed, entertained and enlightened about all aspects of the rapidly expanding world of tablet computers” says Greg T. Duym, writer, editor and co-Founder of

The site has a host of features, including forums pertaining to specific tablet computers and/or operating systems as well as reviews, contests, exclusive interviews, and tutorials. Let’s Talk Tablets also keeps the reader in the loop with the latest in industry news, including announcements of the latest apps across all platforms.

“We want our tablet computer forum to be a hub for lively debates & discussions. For example, if you’re looking for answers about how to perform a particular task or need advice about which tablet pc best suits your needs we want you to think Let’s Talk Tablets” says Darryl Burma, writer, editor and co-Founder of

“Although our site is new, we plan to be here for the long run… as tablet pc’s continue to evolve so will our site.” says Greg T. Duym

With the tablet PC market continuing to expand so does the need for reliable information pertaining to the industry. Let’s Talk Tablets plans on becoming the authoritive site for insight into current and future talbet PC trends.

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