Level after level brings new heights of fun in the app Fat Jump

Level after level brings new heights of fun in the app Fat Jump

Level after level brings new heights of fun in the app Fat Jump

Every now and then an app hits the app store that becomes quite successful thanks to it’s simple gameplay and addicting challenge. The new app “Fat Jump” boasts both of these qualities and more as players do everything they can to reach the top. Tap the screen to help power up jumps and make it as far as possible past every scaffold. Do you think you have the power it takes to win?

After launch users are brought to the main menu where they can access everything the app has to offer. It’s from this page that users can tap to start the game, check out options, how to play and even more. There are plenty of available options for players to choose from and when ready players can tap to get started.

Normally one would expect something so fat not to be able to jump so high, well in “Fat Jump” it’s quite the opposite. At the start of each game the character enters a screen full of variously elevated and scattered scaffolds. The objective of the game is tap and hold to fill the power meter on the top of the screen to power up his jumps moving him from platform to platform. The game gets tricky although as various scaffolds have different abilities. Be careful as some scaffolds will try and shoot you off by moving you fast across the screen, while others may try to do the same in opposite directions. With all of these factors in play it makes for quite an enjoyable game.

While “Fat Jump” may quickly remind you of some other popular jumping applications, it also introduces some twists to keep it fresh. Strategic players will find that the less jumps you take and the higher you get the more your score will increase. If you wanna get a high score it’s going to take a little more than just a bunch of random jumps, over 30 different achievable medals are at stake, so join in on the fun!

“Fat Jump” is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.


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